Access Statement

Access Statement For WAYSIDE LODGES and B&B


Wayside operates both Bed and Breakfast and self catering accommodation. This Access Statement concerns both the Bed and Breakfast business which is run from a dedicated wing of Wayside and where much of the accommodation is at ground floor level with only one small step to negotiate. The Lodges are all on one floor. Ramp access can be provided to either B&B or Lodges on request. Off street parking is available immediately in front of the B&B Reception door and alongside or in front of each Lodge.


  • Telephone, fax and e-mail contact is available – see below.
  • Website text will enlarge – go to “View” -> “Text Size” -> “Largest” you will see that the print enlarges.
  • Nearest airport is Bristol and nearest rail access is Chippenham. Busses are available from and to Chippenham and Devizes.
  • The nearest village is Bromham (one mile away and with a good shop).
  • Chippenham and Devizes are 4 miles away.
  • Accessible Taxis are available locally.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • Off Road Car Parking is available adjacent to Reception and all Lodges.
  • Car Parking is on a basis of one car per bedroom but overflow is available
  • B&B Car Parking is on tarmac and Lodges on Gravel
  • There are no traffic calming measures
  • Our contact number is available on the Reception Door.
  • Dogs are welcome
  • Signage is diagrammatic and text
  • Assistance with luggage is available
  • All access points have automatic external lighting
  • Hand Rails and Grab Rails are not fitted on the property

Main Entrance & Reception

  • There is only one entrance to Wayside B&B and that is via Reception. This involves the negotiation of a two inch step.
  • Ramps can be provided to facilitate access to Lodges and the further B&B step.
  • We do not provide hand rails and do not recommend the upstairs family room for use by impaired visitors. All access points to Lodges and B&B are well lit and incorporate automatic external lighting.
  • We are happy to provide assistance with initial access only.
  • We do not have a loop system.
  • A pad/pen is available on arrival.
  • Entry can be obtained by telephone
  • Additional keys are available on request.
  • Seating is available in reception.
  • A familiarisation tour is standard.
  • The main B&B entrance door is narrow (two foot) and a single leaf.
  • The Lodge entrances are wide.
  • There is a threshold piece of two inches on the B&B main entrance and no threshold on the Lodges.
  • B&B Reception is 0800 to 2200 and Lodge access is pretty much 24/7.
  • Hand and grab rails are not provided.
  • The reception is an office.
  • Price signs are not provided in reception.
  • Good facilities are available for service dogs, water bowls and beds can be provided on request and good safe walks are available. Dog food is not provided.
  • Signs are not provided in braille but are clear pictorial signs.
  • There is only one corridor from Reception to rooms and the breakfast room.
  • Two of the three rooms and all communal rooms are at ground floor level.
  • There is no colour contrast between critical surfaces.
  • Reception is an easily accessible office.

Public Areas – General (Internal)

  • There are no lifts or escalators to the upstairs room.
  • All communal facilities are at ground floor level.
  • Flooring is carpet throughout.
  • There is one public telephone in the breakfast room which has no special features or facilities.
  • The lighting in the public rooms is uniform and bright.
  • Teletext is available on the public television.
  • Signage is diagrammatic.
  • The stairs to the upstairs room have no special facilities.
  • Corridors are normal house width and well lit.
  • Doors are unlocked and are solid doors.
  • Baby changing facilities are not available.
  • Assistance dogs can be exercised and allowed to stale in safe exercise areas close to the property.
  • There are no grab rails in the public areas.
  • WCs are not adapted for impaired use.
  • Lodges are on one floor.

Public Areas – WC

  • The only Public Area is the B&B Breakfast/Sitting Room and the only WCs are allocated privately to rooms or Lodges.
  • The Breakfast Room is adjacent to two of the Bedrooms and we only consider the downstairs bedrooms suitable for impaired access.
  • The Fire Alarms are all noise and light active
  • There are no public baby changing facilities
  • There are no additional impaired provisions

Restaurant / Dining Room, Bar & Lounges, Take Away & Cafe

  • There is one combined breakfast room and sitting room on the ground floor for guest use. It has no special impaired visitor facilities but there is plenty of room for wheelchair access to the dining table.
  • Smoking is discouraged in rooms and not allowed in public rooms.
  • All food is served to individual needs.
  • There is one six inch step to the breakfast room, to which a ramp can be provided.
  • The two downstairs bedrooms are adjacent to the breakfast room for B&B.


  • There are no public laundry facilities


  • There is no public shop

Treatment room/s

  • There are no treatment rooms

Leisure Facilities

  • There are no leisure facilities other than use of the Breakfast/sitting room which is well lit and suitable for wheelchair mobility

Outdoor Facilities

  • Guests have the use of lawns in front and to the side of the house and to the alongside the Lodges. There are no special paths or hazards other than small flower beds or trees. There are no signs or outside WCs

Conference & Meeting Rooms, Banqueting, Clubs, Entertainment

  • There are no Conference, Banqueting or Entertainment facilities.


  • There are two bedrooms suitable for wheelchair users and both are adjacent to the Breakfast/Sitting Room. All Lodges are suitable for wheelchair users and all Lodges have their own ramps which can be fitted on request.
  • All rooms and Lodges are fitted with noise and flashing alarms.
  • TVs have remotes and teletext.
  • There is only one public telephone located in the B&B Breakfast Room
  • Aids are not provided but can be hired locally and we are happy to receive in advance of occupancy
  • All bedrooms and bathrooms in the house are carpeted and all rooms less bathrooms and kitchens (which are laminated) in lodges are carpeted.
  • All lighting is bright and there are no dimmer switches.
  • All kettles are cordless
  • There is no room service
  • All pillows are hyper allergenic

Bathroom, Shower-room & WC [Ensuite or Shared]

  • The twin downstairs room has an en suite bathroom with a bath only.
  • The double downstairs room has a private bathroom with a shower.
  • Doors are solid wooden doors and floors are carpeted.
  • Lodge bathrooms are lino floored.
  • There are no rails or grabs in either B&B or Lodge bathrooms.
  • There are no alert alarm systems available in either B&B or Lodge facilities.
  • Shower trays are provided for showers with no additional facilities.
  • Baths are normal domestic entry baths without steps available although at least one bath is suitable for hoist use.
  • Bath seats are not provided.

Self-Catering Kitchens

  • The self catering lodge kitchens are part of the dining /sitting rooms
  • Work surfaces are 3’6″ high and of modern construction.
  • Lodges have both microwave and hob/oven facilities.
  • Kitchen taps require gripping and turning.
  • Lodge kitchen floors are laminate.
  • There are no thresholds to Lodge kitchens.
  • A fridge and freezer compartment is available in all lodges. Three lodges have an additional freezer or a fridge freezer.

Caravans, Holiday Homes & Twin Units

  • N/A

Touring Facilities (Holiday Parks)

  • N/A

Boats – Narrow Boat, Cruiser & Hotel Boat

  • N/A

Attractions (Displays, exhibits, rides etc.)

  • N/A

Grounds and Gardens

  • Access to lawn area is encouraged by guests. There is no sensory area and no mobility footpaths are provided. Seats are provided for resting and are peaceful respites for guests with impaired mobility.
  • There are no hazards in the gardens other than trees or small flower beds.
  • There are no signs and no barriers to entry.
  • On all occasions the only WC available is the room or Lodge WC.

Additional Information

  • The Assembly Point for evacuation of the main house and Lodges is in front of the House.
  • Staff do not practice sign language.
  • Equipment can be hired locally and received in advance of guests’ arrival.
  • Service dogs are welcome and bowls will be provided.
  • Smoking is not allowed in public rooms and discouraged elsewhere.
  • There is no background music.
  • Staff are available to help but no special concessions are available to carers who are treated as guests.
  • Fridges are available for storing medications.
  • Emergency procedures are available in each room and Lodge.

Contact Information

  • Telephone: ++44 1380 850695
  • Fax: ++44 1380 850696
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Grid reference: 967666
  • Hours of operation: 24/7
  • Emergency number: 07770 774463 or 07770 774460
  • Local carers: TBC
  • Local equipment hire companies: British Red Cross (Wooten Bassett) 01793 859930
  • Local public transport numbers: APL Transport (X33 Bus Route Chippenham/Devizes) 01666 577774
  • Local accessible taxi numbers: DL TAXIS 01380 850043 or 07780 712739 & ROGERS TAXIS 07831 222202

Jonathon and Lesley Seed are keen to assist the impaired with access to Wayside so please do contact Jonathon or Lesley Seed on 01380 850695. We are only to happy to advise on mobility and access arrangements and tailor them to your needs.

Future Plans

  • Consideration of grab rail installations

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if you have any comments please phone 01380 850695 or email